I bought a 2nd hand Mazda5 from a dealer June 2018 and they supplied the Mazda roof rack (allegedly) presumably a CG15-V4-701. Despite asking them just to supply the rack, they fitted it and a soon as I got the vehicle home I removed it.

Fast forward to October 2018 and it was time to refit it. First thing I discover is that they hadn't provided the instructions. 2nd thing I discover is that each rubber foot is unique and the dealer had used at least 2 in the wrong places. 3rd thing: when tightening the feet down the nuts are chewing through the metal brackets before they are even close to tight. It was too close to the trip to get the dealer to sort it so I got the Thule foot kit (3080), but that wouldn't match the bars, but at least now I had some instructions with the torque settings for the various bits. I used some plain washers to spread the load and stop the nuts chewing into the brackets. I got back from the trip, removed it, got a torque wrench that goes down to 2Nm then forgot about it.

We just got back from this year's trip. Having tried fitting the rack, even at the measly 6Nm specified for the Thule feet, the nuts were chewing through the brackets. I've had a good think about this and I'm wondering if some, if not all of the parts provided by the dealer aren't actually from the CG15-V4-701 kit.

If anyone has and can scan and post the instructions please that would be really useful?

Or: by way of comparison, the parts that the feet of the rack I have, supplied by Mazda, are:

4 x 18 metal brackets
4 x rubber feet:
129 Front Left
130 Rear Left
131 Front Right
132 Rear Right
2 x 12mm Silver tubes
2 x 10 mm Blue tubes
4 x 65mm threaded rods

Many thanks,