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Thread: 2011 Mazda2, how to replace oil pan

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    2011 Mazda2, how to replace oil pan

    I need to replace the oil pan on my Mazda2. I cant find a reliable source of information about it. Precisely I need to know what needs to be installed as some king of seal between the oil pan itself and the engine. I read sometimes its some kind of paper, sometimes some weird glue, sorry Im from Quebec so not very good in english, so Im not sure how its called.
    I already ordered an oil pan but Im just missing that "seal" that will make it tight.

    For those who are wondering it was busted up for a long time but didnt leak so I was postponing that repair. But I just bought a new car and I wanna at least make the mazda2 drivable so I can sell it. Beside the oil pan its ok for a car that did 250000km.

    Any info will be greatly appreciated.


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    The seal you are referring to is a gasket, When replacing it put gasket sealer on either side of it and install the sump.
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    I need to do this soon. It seems pretty simple. Drain the oil, drop the pan, use gasket sealer, re-install, done. Am I missing anything?

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