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Thread: To anyone considering lowering springs

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    To anyone considering lowering springs

    Been cruising the forum a while considering mildly lowering my 2019 Sig CX5. After hearing reviews by the rather small sample size of pioneers on this forum, I went with the Eibach Pro-Kit. Result=LOVE IT!! Visually=just what I was hoping for. Handling=just what I was hoping for. Ride/comfort= not much noticeable difference from stock. Only had about 1000 miles prior to modification but had a 2016 also so I know what the stock ride feels like. I've put about 1000 miles since the Eibach upgrade and just slightly stiffer, but just slightly.
    Moral of the story, go for it. Won't regret it. My first post ever and I'm loading pictures so pray for me.
    Also swapped out the exhaust tips and I guess I'll post that in the appearance/accessories area.
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