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Thread: Shudder under braking

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    Shudder under braking

    Hello, all

    So I replaced my stock pads and rotors up front back in November of 2018 with Power Stop brand pads and rotors. They've been fine up until about a month ago I started developing a shudder under braking. The shudder is pretty heavy at speeds above 65mph and goes away below 55mph. The feeling is a hard front end shudder, but it doesn't affect steering input at all. My wife says she feels it in the wheel, but I don't. I did not bed the brakes, as I didn't know that was part of the process. Every brake video and "DIY" guide I read never talked about bedding the brakes; however, I've also heard it's not necessary for street cars.

    Anyway, I've driven at least 2k miles since then. I thought that it might be the rear brakes, as they're pretty old. However, I did the "pull the e-brake" trick at speeds about 65mph and didn't get any shudder, so I'm wondering if it's the fronts. I read that if it's a warped rotor then it's better to just replace the rotors AND pads (as the pads will have worn unevenly) rather than have them resurfaced.


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    One culprit that I'm think it is: I may not have torqued the lug nuts properly. I may have over torqued them

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    Might be warped. You could look at the pad to see if they have uneven wear

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    If the shutter is in the steering wheel when braking, itís front rotors. Iíd machine them as itís cheap and see how it goes

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    Over torquing lugnuts trashes rotors. Btdt.

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    I always re-torque the nuts after coming back from dealership.
    Can't trust these airtools and people who use them.
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    I have the same shudder issue, but it seems to come and go. Sometimes I feel it one day, the other I don't.

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    I have the same thing. My brakes are most likely do to be replaced, I'm at 53k.

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