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Thread: 2016 mazda cx-9 touring for sale!!!!!!

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    2016 mazda cx-9 touring for sale!!!!!!

    Excellent condition with low mileage. Bought it from MAZDA CPO in late 2017. Two owners including me. Regular maintenance in Browning Mazda at Alhambra. This is my commuter car so miles could go up by a little bit.

    ONLY 27000 MILES and SELLING FOR $27000.

    SUPER nice family car with 7 seater!

    I also have corksport intake for this car to sell. Based in Pasadena, LA. Contact if interested.

    [removed] ONLY serious offer accepted.
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    Please read the Marketplace Rules here...

    You can PM me or azuelke when you have the required picture(s). Your cooperation would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

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