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Thread: Looking to buy a used 2011 Mazda2 81k - advice?

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    Looking to buy a used 2011 Mazda2 81k - advice?

    I'm looking at a 5 speed 2011 Mazda2 Sport with 81,000 miles on it this weekend. The seller is asking for $5,300 (I think I could get the price down, however). She is the second owner and took it to the dealer for routine maintenance according to the owner's manual (the car was bought as a Mazda Certified Pre-Owned vehicle). She said she has encountered no major issues with the car. Only issues she mentioned were the mirror controls not working and the remote entry not working. Besides the overall used car inspection, are there problems specific to the Mazda2 that people here recommend looking for? I'm new here and new to buying used cars in general, so I am worried about reliability (I apologize for my ignorance). Thanks for any help!!

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    There aren't any known major problems with the 2, but there are a few minor things to look out for:

    --Spark plugs seem to wear out a bit earlier than expected; have they been replaced on the car? If not you'll want to do it (though it's not expensive or difficult).
    --Front brake rotors tend to warp, so if you feel a pulsation in the steering wheel when braking, you'll want to replace them.

    Sounds like the car is for sale by owner? If it looks good, you'll want to arrange for an inspection by a mechanic before you buy it...especially to figure out what's going on with the mirror controls and remote. (The remote could be as simple as a dead battery, but the mirror controls could be anything from a dirty/bad switch to wiring problems.)

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    I'd agree with DrWebster,

    The only issues I've had with my Mazda 2 were heavy wear on the front brakes but overall the car handled itself quite well over the years I've driven it. The Mazda 2 is still sold around the world so finding parts won't be an issue for a while. I did have some issues during the winter with the tire pressure gauge failing but cured itself 2 months later when it was above freezing. Overall, everyone I know who's owned these have had a great experience, atleast up until 100k miles.

    Though, my car did smell of UpDog when I got it.

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    I have 2011 mazda 2 touring mt 35000 mi. When asked mazda dealer about price they offered 4000 $ cash privet party. Pass for now.
    The mirror likely switch problem (rain water) , remote - oxidized battery terminals. the issues i have and the radio sometimes gets off.
    For 81000 miles I would better check the clutch (engage point, slip on high gear, etc).
    Best regards!

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    To add perspective. I purchased my 2012 5-MT with 128K mi. for $4K out the door with all fees/taxes included (sorta shady used car sales lot). It had a few minor issues like the mirror switch (all junked up and wouldn't work 100% of the time), leaky antenna gasket, remote not working (just needed a battery), and dings here and there. If in excellent condition I feel $5K would be a fair price for the one your looking at. I'm not sure your location but here in CA I was hard pressed finding a MT model that wasn't thrashed, salvaged, or the seller wanted over $7K.

    I'm at ~132K mi. now 5 months later and only issues I have are the door light briefly blinking (something with the passenger side door).

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    I'm the original owner of a 2011 Mazda2 Touring AT with 79k. I had a leaking washer fluid reservoir early on (fixed under warranty), then a passenger-side airbag sensor went bad around 40k, which I had replaced at the dealer. Besides that, nothing has really given me any trouble except the front brakes which I replaced around 55k. I had to service them recently due to pulsation/stuttering (machined rotors and grind pads). Also had to go back to dealer for a recall about a driver seat lifter link issue. Regular maintenance every 5k is key to longevity; ask for proof if they don't offer it.

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