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Thread: 2018 mazda3 touring 18" tire size options-will 215/55R18 fit??

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    2018 mazda3 touring 18" tire size options-will 215/55R18 fit??

    the 2018 mazda3 touring comes with 18" wheels along with the dunlop 5000 sized: 215/45R18

    if i want to change to another tire, will 215/55R18 fit?

    thanks in advance.


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    You might want to ask the folks at
    Personally, I would not degrade handling by switching to that aspect ratio.
    I do know that 225/45/18s work very well.
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    I wouldn't recommend going from a 45 to 55 series tire. Much larger diameter. As concept said, a 225/45-18 will work just fine. A little wider and a little taller, but not by much.

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