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Thread: best ECU for MSP pushing 500 hp?

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    best ECU for MSP pushing 500 hp?

    Iím looking into ECUs and Iíve ran into haltech elite 1000 so far, anyone have any experience from this? Also what transmission are you running
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    I run a Haltech platinum 1000. Pushing for 400 to the wheels this time around. Grx2867 turbo, id 1000 injectors etc. Still on stock transmission though but I would say your best bet would be to do a mfactory diff. That will be my plan for the future. Also all 4 motor mounts are upgraded. Par gears just dont seem worth it. I would rather just have some spare transmissions kicking around. Also im running a spec stage 3+ clutch. Stock flywheel.

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    best ECU for MSP pushing 500 hp

    Plasma are surprisingly effective against M sized ships. But they are not effective in any way against S, thatīs where all the other turrets will shine. So best to use a mix of turrets.

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