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Thread: Spare tire subwoofer question

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    Your sub had more kick because the after market head unit over drives the factory sub (more line level voltage) and you eventually fried it.

    The factory stereo won't turn the sub up that loud (even at max. volume)

    Anzi talks about her sub here.
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    I'm still content with my oem 6 disc/cassette/sub setup and not win any stereo trophies but still be able to hear other things..............It did get an audio input plug-in to at least have usb input/usb charging/ipod/aux inputs. Not sure what my car is....2003 or 3.5? Has racks/sub/prk and blinkr in fenders/sportronic/ no abs/cloth/no sunroof/open cupholders. IIRC jun03 build................

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blue Pro5 View Post
    Curious how this all worked out.

    After my OG head unit mysteriously fried after the car sat in the shop for a few weeks, I replaced the head unit with an aftermarket one and got the proper harnesses to run the spare tire sub that was already there. The sub worked just fine, even seemed to hit harder for some reason, for about a month, then it fried as well.

    After sourcing another sub, the same situation occurred, the sub worked great for about a month than stopped as well.

    Probably an issue with my wiring, just not really sure how to tackle it. I'll more than likely just get an aftermarket sub box and amp in the future.
    Guess it’s been close to two months already… my sub works great, but I have it controlled from the EQ settings in my head unit separately from other speakers. An audio professional friend helped me set volume levels, EQ curve, and the crossover settings, so the sound system sounds amazing in my car

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