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Thread: My new work car. 1989 MX-6 80,000 miles

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    My new work car. 1989 MX-6 80,000 miles

    Seems to run perfect. It will need a lot of maintenance work, all fluids changed, timing belt kit, outer axle boots torn. But the biggest problem I found is mice that made it their home. The elderly woman that owned it drove about 1,000 miles in the last 10 years.
    So I first found a nest in the air cleaner. Not much of an issue, but I removed the HVAC fan because of noise, and found a nest clogging it. So I will be pulling out the dash and doing a thorough cleaning.
    I will be doing all the work myself so it won't be expensive, just time consuming.
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    Wow that is an awesome find. The exterior looks to be in pretty good shape at least!

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