Hello everyone,I知 looking for a bunch of people who are willing to test (and give some feedback) on a small electronic device I致e developed. The device automatically disables the Mazda istop system 30 seconds after the engine is started without driver intervention.

I知 looking for people who are capable of installing this device whilst at the same time taking some basic resistance measurements on the vehicle control system. The aim of this exercise is to build up a database of switching resistor values required to mimic a momentary button press on the istop disable button.

I知 happy to provide a kit with the device and associated wiring, posted anywhere in Australia for people who will install the device and provide me with the resistance measurements that they take. The device and postage are provided free of charge, along with some guidance on how to perform the installation procedure. We are obviously also looking to cover every model that features the istop system as standard.

I have the exact device installed on my own 2016 CX5 because the istop system drove me mad from the day I bought the vehicle.

I知 new to this forum but feel free to either drop me a PM or reply to this post with make, model and build year of your vehicle and I will send the kits out on a first-come, first-served basis. I知 also happy to provide kits to anyone with any other brand of vehicle that has an idle cut out system fitted.