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Thread: 2002 Protege 5/Familia sport 20

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    Checked in with JP Parts, they should have it available for purchase by Sunday.

    Quote Originally Posted by grffn View Post
    I've just gotten mine and installed them the other day.
    I ordered mine from JP Parts via
    He even shipped them with all the hardware. Try and get in contact with him and I'm sure he'll find a set for you.

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    They said it's not available.

    Quote Originally Posted by i12drivemyMP5 View Post
    Those showed $62 somethin each and showed available...............shows left and right

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    That sucks, wish sites would just show discontinued or nothing at all. Hate when they show a green price bubble like it's in stock. Guess I just lucked out on the rail cap actually being something they had.

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