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Thread: Need help looking for new or used exhaust mani

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    Need help looking for new or used exhaust mani

    im trying to replace my mani and im posting this before I just say screw it and go to callaway and buy a new stock mani any ideas or alternate parts or website would be helpful thanks

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    If you can find a Pope manifold it's a good and cheaper alternative to the stock one. Doesn't look like Tom is still in the business, maybe there's some info on here. It's a pain to install since there's not a lot of clearance to use the stock bolts, but I've had mine on the car since the first run and it's performing great.
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    pope exhaust mani is now being sold at -

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    + 1 on pope its a great product. Or steedspeed if you can find used.

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    107 thats my Steedspeed but the Pope is much more readily available via that link yamadafawka has
    i do have a few Pope parts like the SMIC,Down Pipe,Pope short ram intake,car came with the Steedspeed so i didnt need to upgrade that part
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