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Thread: Need Speedometer Calibrator for Mazda3 Hatch GT

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    Need Speedometer Calibrator for Mazda3 Hatch GT

    Hi all, 1st post here. I bought a 2018 3 Hatch GT and wanted Nokian WR G4 all weather tires, the dealer installed 225/45 18s as that is the closest size to the oem 215/45 18.

    Normal from of traffic NH to Boston, CT, LI etc 70-80 plus at times. The speedo is now 2 mph slower then I am actually traveling and that will lead to a ticket, especially at this speeds.

    And I live in a small rural town that has town 30 mph wide speed limit 1-2 mph error may not sound like much, but it is enough to get pulled over. In other towns its a ticket.

    I cannot find anyone who sell a speedometer calibrator to simply adjust the tire height to correct the error for the 2018.

    I have used Hypertech to do this on my 1998 Blazer for 20years ( I bought it new). The Hypertech Speedometer calibrator does not work on a 2018 Mazda

    They sell a performance programmer, but it does not have a feature to adjust for tire height. And I do not need extra HP or Torque and have to run premium fuel.

    What seems odd is that they add extra power but not the option to adjust for tires to handle it.

    Any know of a company that sells a speedometer calibrator the works with the 2018 Mazdas?

    I used the free app "Speedometer" on my Iphone to check before and after the tires were installed to see the difference.

    Also Mazda does not offer any calibration through the dealers.

    Thanks Wayne

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    Getting pulled over for 1 or 2 miles over is crazy

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    speed limit

    Quote Originally Posted by rsvinylgraphics View Post
    Getting pulled over for 1 or 2 miles over is crazy
    Hi, You would think that being pulled over for 1 or 2 miles an hour is crazy, but it recently happened to me in my Blazer. The car in front was doing 40+ in a 35 zone. A steep down hill.I am always careful there and do well if I am the front vehicle. I was behind him and the officer stopped me. When I questioned why me and not the person in front he stated I was going faster. We both hit the brakes when we saw him, I was just a second slower and probably picking up speed going downhill. I learned a long time ago if you see a cruiser and I am going over the speed limit , not to hit the brakes. That tips off the officer when he sees the nose dip, and at night the brake lights light up defectors behind you, even the small ones on the road. That info came straight from two officers.

    The issue is that if the speed limit is 65, they allow usually up to 69. My speedometer will be showing 69 and I will actually be going 71 mph. Now go up to 79 mph on my speedometer, that's 81+ and it will get anyone stopped for most all the state and Northeast States.

    They have to draw a line somewhere. Its too easy to get caught up in the normal flow of traffic and be the one going that 2 mph faster then I or my wife really are.

    I know that in NH the small towns need to protect from drivers from other states, all states are like that. In my town there is a sign posted when you come into town, same the town over. They state "speed limit 30mph unless otherwise posted".

    I did also notice the speed limit indicator on the heads up is not accurate for the speed zone at all time. Towns around here ofter change small sections downward because something happened. And it's easy to miss a sign.

    Thanks for your reply,

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