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Thread: Is Mazda's upcoming CX-30 on your shopping list?

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    Recently got a 2019 CX3 and happy with it so far as a daily commuting car aside from our CX-9...while it is a 3yr old model it still looks ok and a fun zippy and nimble car to drive. While I really like the interior design of the upcoming CX-30 (same int as the new 2019 3 which btw I have cross-shopped and tested extensively) I do not like the CX-30s prominent plastic cladding. I may consider it once our lease is up on the CX3 but that is in 3yrs time...
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    Aloha from Hawaii! It's been ages since I wrote, but my Protege recently turned 18 and my 2011 Mazda2 is my daily driver and is 8 years old. I will be considering the CX-30 since the CX3 is off my Mazda2 and I've noticed the tight room all around when I looked at it at the car show. IMO the Mazda CX30 would fit my needs, but only if a nicely equipped one doesn't come close price wise to a CX5. Otherwise one would think to go with the CX-5, but here in traffic filled Hawaii the CX30 would be a good size.

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    Yes CX30 is on my list, the CX3 is a bit too small and doesnt offer the new Mazda tech features found on even a mid trim CX5....and its similarly priced, just not the bang for the buck for me.
    CX30 will have alot of tech that I desire standard hopefully.

    My fiances 2018 CX5 Touring spoiled me during our 2000 mile drive last vacation, its tough going back to regular cruise control/no blind spot/no lane keep assist etc. Ill be trading in a Jeep Renegade which has treated me fine but lacks things that make highway trips less wearing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DG_1234 View Post
    Size-wise is the CX-30 right in the middle between a CX-3 and CX-5 ?
    Yes, they simply couldn't call it a CX-4 has that model already exists in some markets. The CX-3 is essentially a mazda2 with an every so slight ride height and not worth it (it should't be called an suv). I am wondering if the cx-30 is more based on the mazda3 so expect prices to start at around 22K

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    Definitely, yes. I drive a CX-5 and my wife has a Mazda3 sedan. When we're ready to replace the 3, the CX-30 will be in contention.

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    I am definitely considering this. I currently have a 2014 Mazda 3 SGT Hatchback with 70k miles. No issues at all but I am looking to upgrade to all the new safety features next year and still get a decent trade-in on my car. Don't really like the styling of the new hatchback and definitely need more room than the CX-3. I did drive a CX-5 recently, but honestly, it is a little too big for me. I like the hatchback size and styling. I think the CX-30 could really fit the bill for me. Also cross shopping the Hundai Kona Ultimate, but I don't think the interior is as nice, although the price point is likely a couple thousand less than what a similarly equipped CX-30 will be. I'm anxious to find out the specs on this. Hoping it will be at our car show here in Charlotte NC in November of 2019.

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    "Is the CX-30 on my shopping list?"

    The answer is a big "negative Ghost Rider..."

    Our CX-5 is fine, although lately it has felt "limited" or "cramped" on a recent road trip. I guess that is because we brought more than ust luggage (for 3) with us. It doesn't do bad, but I miss the space of our '04 Pathfinder, while not leaps and bounds more, but for some reason, the PF seemed to swallow a bit more than the CX-5...maybe its the sloped rear glass

    Instead of the CX-30, I would much rather have a frikken Mazda6 wagon available in the States. Why Mazda, why...or why not Mazda, why not?

    I want a '6 wagon with three pedals; you know, something to actually drive. Mazda has a great race history and promotes a 'zoom zoom' lifestyle with slogans telling me the car is more than the sum of its parts, so why can't the States have a '6 wagon? Does the "more than the sum of its parts only apply to the MX-5 because it is a small 2-seat roadster?)

    I love the look/proportions of the CX-9, but I don't need a 7 passenger car, nor do I want an auto so the CX-9 loses on two checklist items.

    So, back to the CX-30. I may have missed most of the promotional hooply on it, but I'm not understanding the purpose of the vehicle. I agree with most that the current CX-3 is way too small for anything and when it comes in smaller than the Mazda3, it makes very little sense.

    In fact, if Mazda just did the "Subaru Crosstrek" or "VW Mk2 Golf Country" treatment to the Mazda3, minus the black cladding, I believe they would have a winner. People crave lifestyle vehicles, and I think Mazda is missing the mark in their car department.
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    I guess you missed the memo that Mazda doesn't care about Zoom Zoom anymore. 3 pedals would be nice, but good luck getting it. Where's the Speed line, where's the manuals?

    As for them missing the mark with the CX-30, couldn't agree more...
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    I think you've missed the main point with the CX-30.
    It's not designed specifially for the US market but more for the European and Japanese markets, where it slides in quite nicely between the CX-3 and the CX-5.

    And if it follows the options from the new 3, we'll get every engine with either manual or automatic transmission (even the new 180hp Skyactiv-X).
    So put pressure on Mazda US, as it's most likely them who decides what to sell in the US.

    I'm pretty sure the CX_30 will sell in large numbers in Europe and Japan.
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    Ya, itís definitely got to be more for the foreign markets.

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    Iíve bought 3 CX-5s already and would guess that the CX-30 will get some options and new tech that the CX-5 wonít get till the next update.

    Definitely considering it.
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    The mounting issues on new Mazda 3's is giving me pause from being a 1st year new model buyer (multiple recalls already). Think I'll be waiting till the CX-30 is in a second year of production before seriously considering it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by velocityc6 View Post
    The mounting issues on new Mazda 3's is giving me pause from being a 1st year new model buyer (multiple recalls already). Think I'll be waiting till the CX-30 is in a second year of production before seriously considering it.
    Interesting that you mention not buying first year model runs. I bought a '17 CX-5, the first year model of second generation. I've had it over 2 years and I've had zero issues with it and no recalls. Although, Mazda added cylinder deactivation tech to the '18 and '19 models which is being recalled due to a glitch in programming. The system is essentially letting internal engine parts to impact each other, stalling the engine and not allowing a restart.

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    My lease on my "other" car runs out in a few months.

    Considering Mazda-3 or CX-30. It will depend on 3 variables, compared to the others on my short-list.

    1) Total Cost of Lease (Money @ Signing + Total of monthly payments + Disposition Fee)
    2) Gas Mileage (compared to others on my short list)
    3) Feeling during Test-Drive.

    I haven't seen any definitive numbers on American Gas MPG??

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    Just replaced my '14 cx-5gt with almost the exact same thing just newer low mi cpo in black bc they killed off my fav liquid silver So one could safely assume I wanted more of the same..but I kinda wanted something a bit (not CX-3 or Kona small) but smaller, lighter and a bit more agile but the '14 was saying it was time so more of the same is what I decided on. While I appreciate the added sound isolation and few nicer bits (other than the metal trim that reflects like a b!tch onto side mirrors) that the late gen1s received I think the 30 is probably tops on my list for its replacement- ahead of the GTR probably. I want to be a little lower and little more agile than current and while more power would be nice(though gen2 seats are a hard(soft) fail imo and part of why I stuck w/gen1)- less weight is all that 2.5NA needs to shine and hoping the 30 will do those things. Also, if it does grace my driveway its so getting rebadged, not debadged: CX-3000GT - that's funny and a selling point for me as I was thinking how dumb the naming of it is..and yes I know why but its still dumb and then it came to me- CX-3000GT is where its at if I can't have a CX-4..take that China!
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