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Thread: Is Mazda's upcoming CX-30 on your shopping list?

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    I am intrigued by the CX-30 although all the plastic cladding is a negative for me. I currently drive a 2010 3 Hatchback 6 speed with 73k miles on it. I love this car and not looking to trade up for a few more years (I hope!). It's been very reliable and I love driving it. I thought I might want to go with a CX-5 next time but after driving one while mine was in for repairs I decided it was not for me. I don't like the huge C-pillar on the new 3's, the visibility is horrible. Also I read they are changing the independent rear suspension to a torsion beam set up on the 2020 3's and the CX-30 will have the same underpinnings as the 3. I believe this will significantly impact the handling of the car. Big disappointment!

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    Just took my 16 in for its first service, got a loaded non-turbo 19 CX-5 loaner and I'm 99.9% sure that won't be my next car and a turbo doesn't address my main issues with it which are the seats and the steering. In pics the 30s seats look more aggressive so quite hopeful there and the fact that this model wasn't designed for our market so hope the heavier steering and tauter suspension make a comeback also.. To previous post I was disappointed as you are about the loss of the independent rear but I don't think it will ruin the car- Mazda seems to know how to engineer and implement better than we'll see. The cladding is excessive and a bit cheese but if they get the important parts right I can overlook the looks.
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    I was out test driving the CX-30 Skyactiv-G (122hp) with auto transmission a few days ago.
    The engine is a bit sluggish compared to my current CX-30 (with 120hp and auto transmission) but it was driving fine.
    The car it self is miles ahead of the CX-3.
    The interior is extremely nice and quiet, the seats are excellent and it's well build, so a very premium feel.
    It was very easy to find a good driving position (it had electric seats). Every control is basically like in previous models, so everything worked as I'm used to.
    The infotainment system is a huge improvement, quicker, better resolution and the menus are a bit different but not much (mostly they are vertical now instead of hoizontal).

    Overall an excellent car and I'm very hooked on changing my CX-3 for CX-30 but I would go for the Skyactiv-X, even though it's a bit more expensive (though here in Denmark we get the fully adaptive LED headlights with the Sky-X, so that helps with the higher price a bit).

    And it looks better irl than in pictures.
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    Thorough review by Thomas as usual
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    Never like the torsion bean rear suspension in my old Prius.
    Will need a testdrive to be sure....
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