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Thread: 2018 CX-9's Engine Speed Surge Upon Cold Start

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    2018 CX-9's Engine Speed Surge Upon Cold Start

    Hi everyone,

    Upon cold start up at 65F, my CX-9's engine speed surges for a second to ~1600RPM from the ~1400RPM warm-up speed. I have been having this problem with my CX-9 from every cold start for a few weeks now as I don't recall it doing this in the past. After the engine is warmed up, the car behaves normally. Please check out the video below. Has anyone had this issue? Should I be concerned? Thank you.

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    Yes, that is my experience as well. I usually wait until it goes below 1K rpm prior to departure. Hope this helps.

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    My 2018 rev's a bit higher for about 20 seconds if the motor is cold. Most cars do this. it's normal

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    Does it do the surge consistently in cold weather? Always the exact same short surge to 1600? If so, I'd look further into it. My revs will usually fall slowly upon startup, but will very slightly rise and fall due to all of the other systems engaging (HVAC, defrosters, etc.). It never does a sharp surge like in your video.

    Honestly it may be nothing. If you don't have any check engine lights, I'd just bring it up with the dealer at your own convenience.
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