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Thread: GT-R oil overfilled

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    Quote Originally Posted by yrwei52 View Post
    I usually would check tire pressure, oil and other things before the long road trip. I did most of them other them the oil level as I thought it had been over-filled anyway, why bother to level the car and check? This's definitely my mistake as who would have thought a Toyota dealer would botch a simple oil change job! As for checking the oil leak, there's an under-cover and I won't be able to see such slow leak unless I take the cover off. I guess we simply can't trust any jobs done by the dealer, which is very unfortunate!

    I was surprised that with less than half of the total oil capacity in the oil pan, the low oil pressure warning light didn't illuminate. Hopefully the compression test on cylinders turns out to be fine, although now I'm worried that the tech may screw up something during the compression test such as over-tighten the spark plugs *
    The cover isn't sealed thaat tight. And that would be a significant amount of oil loss in I presume a short time? You would have seen something on the ground. Sounds like an incompetent dealer to me. I agree your situation is a bit more unique. A lot of us are doing our own oil changes and know our vehicles and if they burn oil or not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ZoomZoomForever View Post
    All good, it’s your money!

    Unfortunately, it’s everyone’s environment, though.
    Newsflash : A crankcase filled to the full mark but no higher is bad for everyone's environment !

    Get real.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VQ35DE View Post
    Newsflash : A crankcase filled to the full mark but no higher is bad for everyone's environment !

    Get real.
    LOL. Couldn’t care less about the extra quart of oil and the environment.

    Glad to see it ruffled your feathers, for REAL.

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    Old thread closed, getting OT

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