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Thread: 2009 Mazda5 Steering Issues

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    2009 Mazda5 Steering Issues

    I just bought a 2009 Mazda5 and when I turn, whether a slight turn for a curve or a hard turn like turning left or right, the steering wheel feels tight like I have to use a good amount of force to turn the wheel, until a certain point and then it like pops into place. It's not a "popping" noise, but a feeling like when your elbow pops into place, if that makes sense. I brought it back to the car lot, and they said it was the power steering pump, and thus replaced it, but now I'm having the same issue. I do not have a vast amount of deep knowledge in auto mechanics, and I was wondering if anyone here has had this issue before or could give me a general idea of what this might be. I'm just afraid that the people I bought the car from are going to give me the run around and I have a 3 month old that's running around in this car with me, I'm just concerned.

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    Hasn't happened to me before but it sounds like something may be binding when you turn. I'd suspect the steering column or tie rod ends.

    There are bellows on the tie rods that could be torn and binding up when turning. Also a joint in the steering column could be worn/dry.

    If you're not going to DIY, you have to trust a mechanic. If you feel OK getting under the car, you could shine a flashlight at the tie rod and look for weird movement while someone turns the wheel, or shoot some silicone spray into the U joint where the steering column meets the rack.

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