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Thread: How often brake pads needs to be inspected - every 2 yrs or 30k?

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    How often brake pads needs to be inspected - every 2 yrs or 30k?

    Not fluid flush

    My Acura Integra needs brake fluid flush every 3 yrs. In that process they inspect the brake by removing it.

    M5 has long life fluid - so how often should have brake inspected on M5?

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    My Integra GSR has 577k miles on it. Bought it new. I brake flush every 60k miles.

    My Mazda5, font brake pad 72k miles. Rear still original. Car has 118k miles. Flushed it once.

    My race cars i flush yearly

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    I drain and fill my brake fluid every year. It takes under an hour and costs like $10. I also lube the caliper guide pins and check the rest of the brake components. I put new rotors and pads on all four corners around 75k or so (I forget the exact number) and am at 127k right now.
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    I would like to flush my brake fluid, any step by step procedure?

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    I give the pad thickness a look every time I rotate the tires which is 7500 miles. The also get checked annually during state inspection.

    Still have the original pads at 108k. I'm planning on replacing them in about a month when it warms up a bit here.

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    Replaced my pads around 60K. Check them each time I rotate tires. I tend to do them a bit on the early side though. Try to avoid doing any repairs in the winter. Cold weather makes things harder to do.

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    I did my fronts @ 30K, Fronts & Rears @ 60K and I did Brembo pads With Stoptech rotors the 2nd time around. Now @ 92K looks like I still have about half life left on the pads.

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