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Thread: Break/suspension problem Mazda5

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    Break/suspension problem Mazda5

    I have a 2014 mazda5, 50k miles.
    A few days ago it started making a noise when going over bumps, not every time just sometimes.

    Last night as I was getting home the front passenger break started falling off and will grind and lock up if I try to drive it. When I inspect the break its visibly loose and I can move it.

    What is wrong with it? I'm mechanically capable I just never had to troubleshoot car problems.

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    wow, breaks are falling off????? You need to take wheel off and inspect and see what is going on.

    When you said initially noise over bump - on the 12-15 cars, that is sign of shocks. But yours is definitely not shock - if brakes are falling off. When were they changed last night? My brakes lasted me 72K miles on the front

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    you can move the caliper? could be someone didn't torque the bolts properly

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