Hey there new to the forum. I have a 2018 cx-5 GT
Just wondering if anyone has had this issue. About 3 weeks ago when I got into my car I head this popping noise from what sounded like the seatbelt buckle area. Didnít think much of it. Then I would hear a pop noise when I would lift my back off the seat back. I then could make it happen pressing into the seat it would make a clicking popping type noise from what sounded like the right bolster of the seat back. I could feel it also. The noise would get worse or less depending on how much the lumbar was extended. If it was all the way out it would be noticeable. About half it would be very loud, and all the way deflated letís say (I know itís mechanical). The left bolster would have a ticking noise. I can adjust my lumbar so itís not that noticeable but it always makes a popong noise when you get in the car and get out unless you really try to make it happen. You can also grab the side bolster and make it make the noise. I did unzip the back of the seat and moved the bolster and I couldnít really see anywhere that would cause it seems like itís catching on something.
Iíll try to post a video to hear it. I have a appointment next week to get it looked at also.

Video link