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Thread: Navigation screen

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    Navigation screen

    Hi there I just recently bought a cx5 2018 the car has only 13k miles and the only deffect us the navigation screen. I has some stains on the glass/plastic on the screen (cosmetic) like if it was burn with come chemical . I was trying to see if theres a screen protector attached but it doesn’t look like

    Any suggestions ?

    Can I replace only the glass/plastic from the screen ?

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    Someone probably tried to clean it with the wrong chemical. There's usually no fix other than replace the unit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sm1ke View Post
    Can you post a picture? I think I read somewhere that the CX-5's screen has a background of some sort by design..
    That was my first thought as well. Looks like a "swish mark" or water mark and is highly annoying. BUT it could be physical damage based on the description.

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