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Thread: Protege giving Codes P0300 and P0660

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    I'm betting that a clean IAC will fix your idle. (or did you get your IAC cleaned ??)

    Just an FYI, I remember one guy that bought a new IAC and his car wouldn't idle properly.

    It turned to be a cheap aftermarket IAC. The little "valve/port" hole inside was smaller than his original.
    A new OEM IAC fixed his problem.
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    Keep in mind that the ECU needs to relearn how to idle the car after you disconnect the battery.

    It takes about 100 miles of driving for it to completely settle down.

    My car idles fine but stumbles and almost stalls for a while after I disconnect the battery.

    The ECU controls the idle until the car is warmed up, then control is sent to the IAC.
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    No offence but i don't know whos talking to who on my thread since people just started talking about their cars. Ill just delte this post a re post it.

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    I just had this happen today, changed coils and the selonid on intake and fixed the problem

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