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Thread: 2019 CX-5 Diesel

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jedi54 View Post
    Intersting article making the rounds:

    (emphasis mine)

    Couple thoughts here:

    Interesting to see Moro-San still discussing an engine that most of us think is dead for the US Market but Mazda has been at times notoriously stubborn in their approach so maybe he's determined to make it happen one way or another. If this were a much larger auto maker, that could work but given Mazda's small market share and profits, it's risky. Maybe it'll just be available to our neighbors up North?

    The fact he says it will be released this calendar year is the most defining statement in the article. Sure, plenty of us still remember the 'coming soon' section on Mazda USA's site but this is coming directly from the CEO so something must be in the works.

    Lastly, the timing actually might make sense.
    I need to go back and find the slide but I remember Mazda realased their timelines a while back and wasn't the SkyActiv-D version 2 due out in 2020? Some of us wondered why Mazda would bother releasing the engine here so close to a redesign so maybe this is the 2nd generation SkyActive-D that might be out next year. That definitely changes things.

    The slide you referenced

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    thanks 7eregrine; yup, looks like Mazda had planned a new version of the SkyActiv-D in 2020 so this timing might actually work out for them.
    The prior generation had issues, the EPA ratings weren't what they wanted so they must have just shelved it for the remainder of the cycle's life (through 2019) so if they do bring a Diesel to market, it'll be a newer version.
    If so, we're basically back to square one as we were in 2017 with the infamous "coming soon" landing page on MNAO's site.

    I'm sure the SkyActiv-D version 2 will come out at some point for the international markets so that'll give us our first glimpse at it but the question will continue to remain: will a diesel Mazda be sold in the US.
    Will the fuel mileage increase over the version 1?
    If so, at what cost.

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    Looking at the US auto industry in general, I have a feeling that any new diesel vehicles will be few and far between. The subject has become a lightning rod of sorts here.

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