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Thread: Spark Plugs at 40k ?

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    LTR6IX-11 6509 is for 2016 mazda cx-9 2.5T according to advanced auto website and numerous others as well! I'll stick with NGK over any brand plug. As it is tried and true many times over!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by roadrutz View Post
    You buy a car that depreciates at around $5,000 a year. You pay what, $1,500 a year for insurance? You spend $2,000 a year on gas. You probably spend hundreds more on car washes and parking and accessories and such. And you worry about paying the dealer $100 extra for service work once a year? Come on, guys, not every dealer is a crook, and the work he does is guaranteed.

    I'm not a shill for dealers, but I think this whole thing about going to indies is overrated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mazdadude View Post
    We should be seeing a lot of the forum members 2016 CX-9 2.5 Turbo's needing plugs now, it will be interesting to see the visual condition of the plugs upon removal.

    So, I had my sparkplugs replaced yesterday at 40.4k mi. I*m glad I heeded the service schedule here. The ribs were badly cracked on one. My mechanic said they looked like 100k plugs & was very surprised they came out looking this bad this soon. He figured it might be related to the serious heat this engine produces. I*ll attempt to upload a picture.

    I bought the plugs through Werner Mazda*s online site for $22.24/each. My guy charged me $75 for the labor, so I was out a total of $164. Saved a bit over dealership prices.

    I*m struggling to upload pictures from my phone. Never felt like such an old man...
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    Changed my sparked plugs at 51k, it was a DIY, easy peazy to change. Save me some cash from stealership

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    Has anybody tried something like this? I"ve used it once a year on my cars for years.

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    For a non-boxer turbo 40k interval does not look like an issue at all...

    My '15 WRX has 60k interval for spark plugs. But its worth changing early. I stretched it to 60k and got ~2 mpg jump and better idle when I finally changed them.

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    The Red Line fuel system cleaner is good stuff if your engine needs it. The only way to know if it needs it is to spend the $12 and use a bottle. Can't hurt (except the $12) and might be a little help.

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