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Thread: I have a really weird issue

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    Angry I have a really weird issue

    I have a 2006 Mazda 6 Manual and I have this weird sound coming from the front driver side. It sounds like metal just rattling around when I either start up or hit bumps big or small. I can hear it will driving on the highway (65 MPH) or even going slow in a parking lot. I hear it a lot more while in the parking lot though. I have 2" lowering springs all around and new front struts that I thought would fix the issue since the driver side was broken. But it didn't and I still hear it. The shop says they "Can't" hear it even though it's pretty noticeable and my car isn't all the quite. I have had my fly wheel replaced when I first bought the car (Not sure if that matters or not) but I thought I would say something since I do hear it when I start my car. Any help would be amazing! I have hit a wall on this one.

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    Did you get this solved?

    I was guessing a bad CV joint.

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