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Thread: TPMSs for your Winters wheels?

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    TPMSs for your Winters wheels?

    Hey folks.

    I combed through the CX-9 forum and the web for this answer but came up short. If I missed the answer to this in another post, please link and close this thread.

    Does anyone know if the 2019 CX-9 supports recognizing TPMSs from two sets of wheels? With past vehicles, I've always had a second set of rims and tires for the winter but without TPMSs. As the winter wheels didn't have TPMSs, the "low tire pressure" light would be on all winter until I put my summers back on. What I'm considering to do is getting TPMSs for my winter wheels so that annoying light doesn't pop up.

    What I know about other manufactures is that a new TPMS must be "programmed" (sync'd) with the vehicle so that it recognizes the source of the message.(wheels). Vehicles I've had in the past only allowed for 4 TPMS sources. This made it impossible to have a second set of wheels with TPMSs installed without having to "re-program" the vehicle every spring and fall.

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