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Thread: Quarter Glass

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    Quarter Glass

    Had some windows get blown out on my Mazda 5 during Hurricane Michael. All of our local auto/glass shops have been leveled in our area, so I've had to fix the windows myself. The last window I need is a quarter passenger, and I've found a used one on Ebay for a good deal, but they are only selling the window, no other parts with it. When I look at this mazda part diagram, I'm seeing some other parts that look like plastic screws for the window to rest against. Curious if those parts can be ordered separately. I have found a vendor online that will sell everything in the diagram, but it's almost 3 x the amount of the used window on Ebay. Any help is greatly appreciated!24101cc1f9a27e28fa84b8b9fcbe86a6.png

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    Take out the old one and assist what you really need.
    Most windows simply glue into place and the rest is trim pieces.
    Since you don't need yours already, poke at is till you see what it takes to cut it out, so you will know what to put back.

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