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Thread: 18 mud flaps

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    18 mud flaps

    Sorry if this has been discussed before but I can't seem to get the info I need . Has anyone installed the front and rear mud flap from Mazda swag or other vendors .I think they original to Mazda . Do you have to drill holes or will they fit in the opening as it is?? I live in the woods and really need them .Any thoughts?? Thanks

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    No drilling was required for the OEM mudguards but some small notches needed to be cut in the inner wheel well liner and, as I recall, in the mudguard itself. It took me an hour or so to install all four being careful not to make any mistakes - especially with the cutting. Mine is a '19 but the mudguards are the same.

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    Simple install. It took about 30 minutes for each. I used a razor to cut out the notchs. It uses the factory holes and some new hardware is included with each kit. I purchased them from a Mazda dealer on eBay. That was the best price I found for OEM parts.

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    They aren't very big, but they do some good. I'm glad I have mine.

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    I had the dealer put them on mine last week when they did the Carplay. Charged me $180. I could have done it myself but I could have taken 3 hours and screwed it up too. I do a lot of rural road driving where gravel on the road is abundant so having these should keep some of that from being thrown up on the rocker panels..

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