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Thread: One step tuning to change radio stations?

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    One step tuning to change radio stations?

    I change stations frequently particularly when using XM.

    I'm trying to find a way to simply turn the dial when changing stations instead of having to:

    1. turn dial to Channel List (because radio defaults to Audio Settings),
    2. push the dial to select and
    3. turn dial to select station and
    4. push dial again to go to the station.
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    If you add them to favorites it would reduce it a bit. Still not one click though.

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    Adding radio station favorites would also allow you to scroll through the stations by simply pressing the button on the steering wheel. There is also a favorites button by the commander knob, the one with the star on it. It will bring up your favorites just by pressing that button but you would still have to scroll to the station you want and then press the commander knob. Easiest way is to use the steering wheel buttons to scroll through your favorite channels. They will display on the screen as you are doing this so you will know which one you are listening to.

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    I use favorites but still no cigar considering the large number of channels I frequent.

    Was hoping there was a setting to keep the radio from defaulting to Audio Settings.
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