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Thread: ball joint replacement

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    ball joint replacement

    I need to replace my drivers side lower ball joint.

    2012 CX-9

    My question is can I do it by just removing the swaybar link and pulling the control arm down while jacking up the rest?

    Or does the whole knuckle have to come off?

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    The last time I checked you can't buy just the ball joint for the lower control arm, and have to buy the whole thing. Have you had the recall done? You can get 2 free lower control arms if you haven't had the recall done yet. But if you were to locate one somewhere.... you could just remove the wheel and replace the ball joint, but on my 2008 I believe it is riveted to the lower control arm so no way to replace it on mine without replacing the whole arm. If yours has bolts, you should just be able to jack the underside of the engine cradle and be good to go.

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