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Thread: 100K miles, and stuff needs's what!

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    This has probably been stated before but a good thing for long term owners so many of these vehicles used the same engine and transmission over the years.

    Within reasonable timeframes parts will unlikely ever be a problem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ColoradoDriver View Post
    I've sat in Gen 2s a few times, but have yet to drive one. I went to test drive one with a turbo, but they told me to come back around end of Jan, beginning of Feb.

    Rugged I guess is part of it. I am in the mountains a fair bit. Car is going to get filthy. The gen 1 extra ground clearance comes in very handy, especially navigating the very deep ruts that rain puts in my moms very long and steep dirt driveway every spring and the rough conditions that develop on the dirt roads up there. With the right tires, thing has been a tank in weather. Totally convinced on snow tires now after driving back down the mountains in some pretty rough weather on Monday. And it goes when I punch it on the highway.

    Gen 2 is too nice for my use is what it boils down to, and I make good money but am really not interested in spending more than $25-30k for a depreciating asset. Feature wise, sure Gen 2 Touring had more than my Touring, but is a worse performer even if marginal. So was unappealing to me. With the turbo in now though, would love to see how the CX-5 turns out in several years when I am ready to replace current car and if the turbo shows up in lower trims.
    This too. Once my Gen 1 is paid off, it will bomb out to about 3-5K in trade-in value, and I will get a 1 year (model) old CPO turbo CX5 (if I still want one) for around $25k, and will be up front out of pocket around $20-23K, and hopefully 0% APR can happen at that time.

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