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Thread: Show Gear in Active Display?

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    Show Gear in Active Display?

    Really liking the Active Display. At first I thought Iíd turn it off as soon as I got home but itís grown on me big time.

    Wife wondered if thereís a way to get it to display gear youíre in while in Sport mode? Would be nice to not have to look at speedo cluster info. There seems to be no ďofficial ď way, at least thatís in the owners manual, but maybe itís hidden, or a service menu, or other way?

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    I*ve wanted to do the same thing but no options I*ve found. I*m not sure if any of the aftermarket tweaks could do it, not sure how easy it is to manipulate what the HUD shows.

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    speedometer app can show the gear for automatic gearbox, but unfortunately on the nav screen only.
    No trick for the HUD as far as I know.

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    When I had the colour hud in my 3 I always wished that when in sport mode + manual gear mode that the HUD swapped to a tach (or coloured representation of one) with the current gear indicated and a smaller speed indicator.

    But, no such luck. That feature and shift paddles would've made me spring for the higher model when I bought our CX5.

    Yes, I'm fully aware it's not a race-car.

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