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Thread: Brake Flush @ 53k miles

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kedis82ZE8 View Post
    I will post if I hear about it before someone else.

    Makes process so clean, convenient and easy to do by one person.

    I'm swapping my front brake pads and hardware tomorrow so flush will finish this maintenance task for a while.
    What about Motive's 1199 custom adapter?
    It says they will take a customer supplied brake fluid reservoir cap and modify it for use with their tanks for $25.

    I already have the Motive tank and catch bottles, so I am thinking of ordering an extra cap for my CX5 and sending it to them.

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    How can we understand that it is original brake fluid?

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    Quote Originally Posted by thomaspanton View Post
    How can we understand that it is original brake fluid?
    Do you mean on a used car that you purchased how do you determine if its original? It wouldn't necessarily matter IMO. If you've owned your car 2-3 years and you haven't changed the brake fluid, its likely due to for a change even if it were replaced just before you purchased it. You can get a brake fluid tester on Amazon. The reliability of these testers is arguable but my $8 tester seems to work fine. Tests 0% on new fluid and is testing 1% on 1-2 year old fluid.

    If you want to get one and test yours and the water level tests at 2% or greater" change the fluid regardless of whether or not its original. If you've owned the car for 3 or more years without a brake fluid flush just go ahead and get it changed without testing it. It's likely already got too much water in it.

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    What kind of beer is this?

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    on a used car, one should replace all fluids just to be safe

    also, check the date codes of the tires and replace if older than 6 years, no matter how much tread is left

    - if the vehicle is older than 15-20 years, replace all rubber brake hoses with new rubber; and replace all rubber fuel hoses with new rubber one that rated for Ethanol mixes (10-15% depending on your gas)

    Motive's device is simply a more costly version of something you can easily build from a garden sprayer for about $15 or less

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