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Thread: Brake Flush @ 53k miles

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    Quote Originally Posted by yrwei52 View Post
    If the memory serves me correctly, madar had some seepage issue on bleeding valve after he bled the brake system and had to get new valve on his VW? I found one of the bleeding valve was doing the same on my CR-V several days after I changed the brake fluid although I did check at the time making sure there*s no seepage. New bleeding valves were ordered for my CR-V as I tightened the valve a little more but the leakage was worse. I haven*t received the bleeding valves but I loosed the valve and tightened it up again with the spec at 6.5 lbf-ft which is not very tight and it doesn*t show any seepage so far.

    I guess we should check the seepage on brake bleeding valves several days after the brake fluid change.
    Was on my '14 CX5, only VW I owned was a '69 Beetle back in 1978, lol. I had some seeping even when torqued to spec so I just ordered new ones. Relatively inexpensive at 3 bucks a pop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by concept View Post
    I hope you limited the brake pedal travel. After thousands of braking cycles, the master cylinder seal will create a ridge in the bore. Pumping the brake pedal to the floor will allow the piston seal to extend past the ridge, possibly causing damage to the seal.
    Popular mechanics recommends using a wood block if manual brake fluid bleeding is used.
    Yes, I did. Had "specially designed" one to limit the travel. Brakes have been fine since then, 2 years - 20K miles.

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