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Thread: Blown head gasket for CX-5 Diesel

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    Arrow Blown head gasket for CX-5 Diesel

    Quote Originally Posted by ROCKETRON View Post
    Are these problems only on 13/14 reg cars or are newer ones also susceptible? I am surprised though that we don*t hear or see any head gasket failures on uk cars, only camshafts and turbos.
    So far it seems only happening on gen-1 CX-5 dieselís with higher mileage over 40,000 miles. Itís possible most gen-2 CX-5 dieselís havenít reached the mileage yet. CX-5 dieselís was selling very well comparing to gas models in Taiwan, but Mazda stopped selling 2019 CX-5 dieselís there after many complaints and the protest. It definitely is related to hot weather and heavy engine load. UKís weather, or most European weather is very mild comparing to the weather in Taiwan、Thailand、 or even Australia.

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    . Looks like Mazda Australia also offers free engine replacement even without warranty.[/QUOTE]

    Do you know anywhere I can get more information to support this? I am a New Zealand victim of this problem (having suffered the well documented DPF problem last year at 110,000kms, 15,000kms later I blow a head gasket! To be told by Mazda that my car is outside the warranty period (2012 model) and really this is not such a low mileage to be complaining about just doesn't wash! (My 300,000 plus 25 year old Toyota doesn't have this problem.) I would love tpo support my arguments with solid evidence that Mazda are covering the problem in other countries.

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