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Thread: Brakes squeal when in reverse

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    Brakes squeal when in reverse

    Just changed out brakes and rotors and now makes noise when backing up


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    Did you use a brake caliper lube on the metal-to-metal contact points on the pads' backing plates? That's probably the source of your noise.

    Look on line for disc brake bedding or break-in procedure. That might help. The new rotors need a thin film of pad friction material deposited on them to work right.

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    I had this same problem when backing out of the garage with my 08' for years. It was horrible. I tried brake quiet goop on the back of the pads, smeared the stuff on the backing plate, the knuckle, all over the place to no avail. I was able to solve the issue with my latest set of rotors by using high temp siliconized grease on the caliper pins (the pin that the caliper slides on, 3/8 inch thick pin or so) That seemed to do the trick for me, although they are starting to squeak again a little, when backing out of the garage. But I've got a good amount of miles since latest rotor & pad change. The tubes of high temp siliconized grease are not exactly cheap, but worked great for me.

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