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Thread: 2011 CX-9 Front Passenger Window Issue

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    2011 CX-9 Front Passenger Window Issue

    Before I dig into this, I thought I'd check to see if anyone has had a similar issue. I've done a cursory search and seen it's easy and fairly inexpensive to replace the window motor, and I have instructions on how to "reset" the windows but I think that's really for issues with the auto feature.

    Symptom: Front passenger window will not go all the way down (stops about half way). When the up-button on either the driver or passenger door panel is actuated, the window goes up to about one inch from fully closed, but then goes back down. Occasionally if you continue actuating the up-button, the window will remain up at that point where it is one inch from fully closed, but usually once you let go of the up-button, it goes back down to half open.

    I'm guessing something in the jam-safety system, but I don't know how that works. Are there sensors?

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    It does sound like the motor is having issues. I experienced the same thing with the window not going all the way up without pressing repeatedly on the button. I watched 2 videos that walked through the process of replacing the motor. The first video effectively covers how to get access to the motor by removing the panel. At this point you have 2 options. You can replace the motor in its entirety or replace the gear inside. I opted for the latter. It took some effort and I ended up cracking the case a little, but I was able to replace the gear and everything now works great. I believe both the motor and the gears are available on ebay and perhaps amazon. Even the motor is reasonable, but I opted for the cheapest route. Good luck!

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