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Thread: Wheel size for second set

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    Quote Originally Posted by minnesotaart View Post
    17" is teh way to go. Blizzaks make it feel like a snowmobile vs the stock 19" tires. I bought used 17" OEM rims on ebay for mine. Good deals come up there sometimes. For example, there's a set on there right now:
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    Quote Originally Posted by 7eregrine View Post
    I think you are over analyzing this, my friend.
    I get it. I was there once. I have the DMV2. I did some research, probably too much as well, and settled on those.
    I get it... I wanted the best, too.
    Nothing on my short list would have been bad. I don't think you can go wrong with anything on the top 10 list. are absolutely right. I overanalyze just about everything I buy. I just need to be as certain as I can be that I made the right choice. But at least I can say that I rarely regret any of my purchase decisions.

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