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Thread: how to replace "plastic tape" around window on rear door

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    how to replace "plastic tape" around window on rear door

    see pics ... there appears to be rust bubbles under the "plastic tape" which surrunds the window on my rear door ... how do i fix this ? i assume tht the "plastic tape" will need to be removed in order to fix the rust ? after the rust is fixed, i assume i will need to replace the "plastic tape" ... is this a part which i can get from mazda ? how do i replace the "plastic tape" ?

    connection at home is too slow ... will post pics later today ....

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    It's usually called blackout tape. The dealer should be able to order a replacement.

    It can be a real pain to install and not get bubbles underneath it. And if it's not aligned perfectly you have to pull it off, throw it out and start again.

    You'll have to remove the blackout tape. Completely remove and repair the rust underneath it so it is perfectly smooth, and reinstall new blackout tape. Note that any dirt/dust/wavy stuff from bondo not being sanded perfectly flat/etc. will stand out like a sore thumb, just as bad as it does now with the rust bubbles underneath it. And then you would probably want to replace all of the blackout tape on the entire door, and the rear door. Becuase the 1 piece that you replace there with the rust would be brand new black and pretty. The rest of the door around the window, and the back door right next to it would be old, gray, and weathered.

    Personally, I'd just leave it be. Lot of work to fix it so it looks right. If you've got rust creeping there, i'm sure that's not the only place the car has rust.

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    thank you pb4ugotobed !

    it is probably the only rust on th car .... it has been in SoCal all it life, and we have owned it since new ....
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