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Thread: Warm up time/distance?

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    Warm up time/distance?

    Hi all.

    I am considering buying a Mazda3, probably a used 2015. Years ago I drove a Protege5 and found that the mileage going back and forth to work, entirely suburban driving, with a lot of stop lights and a top speed of about 40 mph, was considerably lower than the expected "city" MPG. This was probably because it was only 7.5 miles each way and it took a mile or so for the car to warm up enough to go closed loop. That is, the first mile or so it used more gas because it was open loop, and then for the rest of the way it was what was expected. As I understand it EPA numbers are calculated on warmed up cars.

    The Mazda3 is rated at 30 mpg in the city, which is pretty good for a non-hybrid car. I wonder though, is there anything in skyactiv designed to make the car warm up faster, or is it still going to take a mile or so?

    Also, EPA numbers for the 2.0 and 2.5 engines are really close, but the fuelly results show a lot of 2.5's with much lower average mpg than the 2.0. The latter has the usual sort of bell shaped curve, but the curve for the 2.5 is nothing like that. Is the lower average for the 2.5's because the EPA is off or because the people with the 2.5's drive them harder?

    In terms of options I would want a backup up camera, and if at all possible blind spot warning. (Modern cars have much worse rear and side visibility than the older cars I am used to driving. The wife and I test drove a Volt and it felt like we were driving a slot car with a cheap plastic interior while wearing horse blinders! ) Are those in specific trim levels or option packages? I'm thinking iTouring is about right for us, but I'm not sure which of those features it has.


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    2018 2.5L owner here but the engines are largely the same.

    They do tend to run 'hot' for the first minute or so to get everything heated up and running more efficiently so as long as your trips are more than a few blocks you should be fine. Still breaking in, I usually get +/-28-30'ish MPG mixed city/HWY (and a lot of sitting in stop and go) and I tend to drive rather 'briskly'.

    If you do a LOT of city driving, I'd say the 2.0 is probably a better choice, particularly if mileage is of greater import. If you do half or more highway, I'd go for the 2.5 as the added power is nice and the HWY mileage is not that different.

    Not sure what the model/package break down was for 15's. Have you tried googling a brochure?

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    I believe backup cameras are mandatory for all cars after 5/2018.

    But I agree with JR in that if fuel mileage is your top priority, the 2.0 is better suited to city driving. I actually drive a bit further on the highway than I have to for one reason - get the oil good and hot to burn off any moisture that tends to permeate the oil, especially in the Winter time. If you consistently drive less than 7 miles on cooler days, some of the moisture may stay in your crankcase, requiring more frequent oil changes.

    I average 27.5 in my 3, primarily because I accelerate more aggressively than is needed, at times. Also, the highway is so empty in the direction I travel at 6:00 AM that 80 MPH is like 60 MPH at 7:00 or 8:00 AM. Under the same conditions, my 2001 Corvette that I used to have would average 19.5 MPG.

    For trim level descriptions, check the main Mazda web page.
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    Thanks for the feedback.

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    I drive a 2018 Mazda 3 2.5 ATX. The warm up time varies depending on a few variables,i.e. ambient temperature,heater and or defroster use without AC and engine speed. Generally winter 35F driving speeds up to 40mph it takes about 3 minutes to go to above 131F which is when the coolant temperature light turns off. I drive the same mileage city streets with a few stop signs and light controlled intersections to work 7.5 miles one way and get 28 mpg average. I use the same gas station same pump each time and when the auto shut off at the nozzle is done I consider that a full tank and log it and then check my hard numbers with the on board computer information. I also never let my fuel tank get below 1/2 a tank before fueling. My Mazda 3 sedan weighs a few hundred pounds more then factory and I may be a little lower then others for MPG?
    Highway miles is only about 38+ MPG @ 65mph.

    As for the viability concern....I hate to say it but most drivers do not adjust their side mirrors for best viewing and do not constantly monitor them.

    I live in Northern CA pretty close to the base of the Sierra Mountains .

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