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Thread: 2015 Sport Backup Camera

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    2015 Sport Backup Camera

    Hello guys, new here. I am looking to purchase an aftermarket backup camera for my 2015 CX-5 Sport, but I am having an incredible challenge to determine if it is possible. I've called Mazda dealership and several local radio install places near me and none of them could give me any helpful information if it would be possible to install a backup camera with the OEM head unit. I am turning to you guys for help.

    Will my car accept a typical aftermarket backup camera found on Amazon? Will I need to buy any special type of connectors to make it work?

    Thank you guys so much for you help and I am happy to be part of the Mazda community!

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    You might want to look at wireless cameras. I remember somewhere on this site somebody mentioning them a few years back. Would make installation a whole lot easier.

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    Here is a kit that has the camera and harness. All you need is the factory touch screen head unit. Plug and play.


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