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Thread: Audio Directions with Carplay and AA?

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    Audio Directions with Carplay and AA?

    Not a fan of Mazda NAV, looking to do the upgrade for this reason. I'm aware HUD does not work with Carplay or AA Maps apps, what about audio directions, will they be heard through the car speakers? Also, in general any comments on ease of use of Maps apps on either platform through Mazda connect will be appreciated.


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    Yes, audio is heard through the speakers. That would be lame as hell if it didn't. Not 100% sure if they announce if you are listening to FM or XM as mine is hacked in and doesn't. Someone confirm?
    I think most agree they both work pretty well.

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    I can confirm that Waze, Google Maps, and Apple maps directions are heard through the speakers while XM is playing.
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    This is one of the reasons I would like to have CarPlay. I allow my phone to connect via BT so I can answer calls, but then when I use Waze I don't get any audio because I am usually listening to FM. I know that it's possible set BT to calls only and get Waze audio from the phone's speaker, but it loses that setting every time the phone reconnects. I recently drove a different car with CarPlay and really appreciated being able to listen to FM while getting Waze audio over the car speakers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Turborascal View Post
    I can confirm that Waze, Google Maps, and Apple maps directions are heard through the speakers while XM is playing.
    Hi Turborascal, could you kindly help to confirm if FM can work the same way?

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