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Thread: How Much Does It Bug You That You Can't Use The Touchscreen While Driving?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris_Top_Her View Post
    just bustin your balls, no problem

    very annoying as the voice command is garbage on the pre android headunit* Also I think my latest tomtom update broke the already dodgy voice command. The button on the wheel no longer works.
    Agree. Voice commands are garbage on my unit which is a pre Mazda connect one.

    Yeah, I don't have a commander knob, so it absolutely bothers me that some functions get locked out while driving. For instance, my girlfriend and I were on a road trip and she wanted to pair her phone up to play some music through the bluetooth. She the passenger couldn't do it until I pulled the car over and stopped. That's just annoying. I get they're trying to prevent me the driver from doing something stupid and distracted, but if I have a passenger, they ought to be able to use the touchscreen no problem. Don't lock it out at all.
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    [QUOTE=7eregrine;6620094]It certainly does. Most touch things work while in motion until Google decides you shouldn't be touching like for example, browsing for music on the screen. Scroll more then a screen or 2 and Goog locks you out. But most other features are touchable.

    Touchscreen hack with Factory AA doesn't work. Not even when parked on my car. This has been confirmed by many in Mazda 3 forums. Reddit and AIO author. AIO Tweaks version of AA does work with touch screen hack.

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    TIL. That's how it works in Most cars.

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