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Thread: Noises and squeaks

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    My apologies for resurrecting this thread, but I would like to post an update regarding my 2017.

    I took it to the dealer last week and it appears my fears were founded. The creaking while accelerating is not due to weather, rubbing of interior parts, screws in the steering column, or anything in the cabin. They even checked the suspension, motor mounts, and all throttle cables. Hell, they removed all the seats and dash and then drove it... the creak was still there!

    So my dealer called for a field engineer to look at it. If there is interest I'll be happy to keep you updated.

    Lastly, please head my advice: If your car is a 2nd gen and it is making a creak, squeak, or rattle take it to the dealer. Get it while it is still under warranty since this maybe a larger issue than you thought.

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