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Thread: Resident Physician Help ME! My Mazda5 keeps dying.

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    Resident Physician Help ME! My Mazda5 keeps dying.

    Hey Mazda Experts,

    I have been occasionally browsing this forum for close to 8 years now, thanks for all the awesome tips and tricks. I'm a busy resident physician studying to become an eye surgeon. I have a wife and four kids. We own ONE car. That's right, ONE. and its a Mazda 5 2010 Grand Touring. Its been a faithful car up until this last month. Halogen headlights kept going out on it so I replaced with Morimoto HIDs. Then the problems started. There was a prominent electrical burning smell coming from the interior of the car for about a week and the Check engine light came on. I had it reset. No problems after that. Then today the car just randomly shut off on my wife while she was making a left turn with all our kids strapped into the back. Very scary for her, luckily she was able to pull off and place it in park. She turned the key and the car turned on again. I had her drive it right on over to the local Mazda Stealer and they said it was a dead battery cell. So off to Costco we went, a quick warranty swap. I replaced the battery myself. Wife went Christmas shopping tonight (Santa Lingerie no doubt, and you think I'm kidding) and car shut off on her again while she was cruising down the highway at 40mph. She pulled off and put it in park and turned the key and it started again. Help me guys!! I need this car to survive my last and final year of training before I can start making a decent salary to pay off all my student loans ($450,000). Thanks bros.

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    Does the CEL (Check engine light) produce any ODB errors? I think that would be the first step in troubleshooting.

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    Why not try switching the halogen bulbs back in? You said yourself that the problems started after putting in HID's when your car's not designed for them. Also let us know what the check engine code ends up being.

    The electrical and stalling problems could be unrelated.

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