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Thread: FSDE 2.0L Block and Head

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    FSDE 2.0L Block and Head


    I have a used FSDE motor pulled from a 2003 protege for sale. Make me an offer

    I disassembled this motor with plans to rebuild as an N/A motor and swap into my 02 protege. I ended up going with a 65K JDM take out motor instead.

    Block needs honed and crank needs cleaned up on #4 rod journal where a rod bearing spun.

    I have all the parts from this motor if you want them. The block/ crank/ girdle/ and cyl head could be a good starting point for someone looking to build a good bottom end for a boosted application.

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    Please read the rules found here:

    PM me or any other FS mod when you have the required picture(s). Thank you.

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