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Thread: where is the AWD light?

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    Quote Originally Posted by banjos-n-beer View Post
    I*m not sure why you*re so worried about it working. The system is calibrated quite nicely and it*s almost impossible to notice its engaged unless you*re flogging the crap out of it or on some really dicey terrain.
    Now that you mention calibration, I've noticed a marked changed in the handling/power delivery characteristics of my 2015 when in 4th gear at mid ~3500RPM and up. I've noticed it specifically when driving around the hill country canyon carving, where the understeer becomes noticeably less in 4th. If I move to 3rd gear, same speed the understeer increases (while RPMS and thus power available for transfer increase which is why I think it's a system logic). I think there is some specific programming in the TCM regarding the rear axle and 4th gear. Honestly I wish it was the same for 3rd gear because to put down power in 4th you have to be up in the rpms and therefore up in MPH... which is obviously unsuitable for cornering at speeds around 50-70.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris_Top_Her View Post
    Your post made me realize what this thread was actually about...and you have the top answer lol

    There is no light that comes on. If the light is on, that means there is a fault. You should never see the "4WD" light come on under normal working conditions.

    You are fine, OP. Enjoy the ride.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jdhoule View Post
    I just got bought a used 2016 CX-5 touring w AWD and touring tech package, but... I can't find the AWD light on the dash... it may not be going on, or I just can't find it... Any hints as to where it is?
    Picture, maybe?
    The day you see it, is the day you spend $3K to make it go away, lol!

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