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Thread: Mechanic put a 2011 trans in a 2010 shift

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    Smile Mechanic put a 2011 trans in a 2010 shift

    Have 2010 CX-9 Grand Touring. Bought it new. Has 130K miles. PTU went out taking the trans with it.

    Mechanic put a 2011 tranny in the CX9 and now it doesn't shift even in manual mode.

    I paid the mechanic for the work he did (replace PTU with new, install 2011 tranny) and brought it home.

    I went to and the 2011 tranny doesn't exchange with 2010 but does anyone know the differences?

    Mechanic said to bring it to the dealer to have the TCM (Tranny control module) reprogrammed?

    I'm about to look a the parts diagrams for each tranny (2010/2011) to see what the differences are that'd cause my no-shift issue??

    Any help would be appreciated greatly.

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    I can't really help here other than to agree with your mechanic - take it to the dealer and see if they can program it.
    It could just need software install/change, that would be best case scenario for you. It's gotta be something silly if it all plugs up correctly.
    Best of luck!!
    p.s. i've tossed around the idea of buying a newer (not new) awd cx-9 say 2015 or so, but i'm not convinced even the newer model's have overcome the self eating ford edge transfer case.
    I specifically bought my cx-9 with front wheel drive to avoid the problematic awd issue. I wonder if the 2015/2016 or so models have a more reliable ptu than earlier awd models?

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    getting it reprogrammed and hoping for the best is your best option now since you are already neck deep in this 2011 transmission and that would theoretically solve the problem if that is the issue.

    but I would find a local shop to see if they can do it inhouse first before going to the dealership since they are probably going to charge you a stupid amount for minimal work.

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